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Hi, I’m Jo Edge,

the founder and Owner of The Gilt & Frame Restoration Company. 

With over twenty-five years in the restoration and specialist paint effects business I have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips and I am passionate about my skill.  From my workshop in the Surrey Hills I sympathetically restore and transform old frames.  I use a range of traditional methods that have been used for centuries alongside more modern techniques.  I use my existing knowledge coupled with extensive research to restore the frames to their former glory. Before the restoration commences, I work closely with the client to understand the result they desire, then I carefully assess the frame’s condition before giving a detailed estimate for the works required. Throughout the restoration process I keep the client fully informed.  Where possible I will always use the methods originally used to create the frame.

All pieces and restoration work are fully documented, and the work is finished to the highest possible standards.
Old frames are usually made of wood, some are carved and then gilded either using gold leaf, Dutch leaf (imitation gold leaf) or bronze paint.  Later frames have a wood framework and mouldings made of compo, a traditional moulding material which is pressed into moulds and then applied to the frame.  

The moulded frame is then painted with gesso, a traditional paint made from chalk powder, many thin coats are needed before it can be sanded and smoothed back ready for the next stage.  Bole, a paint made from coloured clay, is then painted on many times before being smoothed and burnished ready for water gilding. 

A slightly different technique is used for oil gilding or modern gilding.  Bronze paint can also be used. Once gilded it must be sealed unless a high carat gold is used and toned to give an antique appearance. When partially restoring a frame, it is important to be able to tone the repairs to match the original finish, making the repair invisible. 

This is something with my experience over the years I relish achieving. The process can be lengthy, but the results are always fantastic.

I have collaborated and worked with many other restorers, and over the years my skill at restoring painted antiques has become widely sought after. I  also sympathetically restore antique and vintage furniture to its former glory and in the event it cannot be saved I refinish the piece to give it a new lease of life.

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